The Lies Between Our Teeth

“Are you okay?”
This is a question I hear a lot 
I always say “yes” 
Even though I’m not sure 

My room is never clean 
Dishes are everywhere 
Clothes on the floor 
The bed isn’t made 
I struggle with this 
Telling myself it’s just a teenage thing 
Or I blame it on being an only child 

I finish class 
“That’s it no more school” 
I think to myself 
Not thinking about the unwanted homework that is 
due later that night, 
I go on with my day 

It’s something I love to do 
I’m not the best and sometimes it makes me mad 
I’ve been doing it forever shouldn’t I have every skill possible 
My mom tries to tell me that I’m doing great 
While others will nod their head and say yes, 
With no eye contact being made 

My grades are never good enough for me 
Even though I have all A’s they aren’t all A+’s 
It bothers me to think I could be doing something more 
I know I can, but the energy in me is giving out 
I no longer care about missing an assignment, 
Or not finishing the assignment and still turning it 

There is the thing nobody wants to share 
No matter how pretty you are 
We ALL don’t like one thing about our self 
Now you may be contemplating this, but it’s true. 

As a teenager, 
Human being 
High schooler 
And so much more 
I want to learn how to live like nothing matters 
We live on a floating rock in space, 
We should explore 
Not worry about what others think 
Hang out with whoever 
As long as we are happy 
And in this moment. 
Right now. 

-- Delany G., 9th-12th Grade