The Grand Gesture

On the wrong side of the tracks 
I see the world that was raised in hate 
The ones who raise and teach their children that we are not the same 
Who would've thought a little melanin really matters all that much
I mean come on don’t we all share the same daddy up above 

The skin on my back has come to be seen as a weapon 
The one thing I was taught was an honor suddenly had to stay hidden 
I now must say things properly and drop my slang 
As in the eyes of many I look like I don’t know anything 
Nonrational is the word my teacher used to describe my people 
I quickly got up to ask her why she didn’t see us as equals 

Stunned is the only word I would use to describe my teacher’s face in the moment 
As she did not think I knew what that word meant 
But what I really wanted to tell her was nope try again 
Black people are kings and queens 
We were not only the slaves the history books always try to make us out to be 

It was in that moment a lightbulb turned on 
That like Martin Luther King Jr. 
I to needed to have a dream 
One to better America and make it all it could be 

I will call my dream the Grand Gesture 
As the Grand Gesture will be the plan to unite centuries 
In this plan I devised it first requires us to put differences aside 
Look to your neighbor as they are now your equal 
Nothing more, nothing less 
No, all we see is people 
To remind us of the day we united we’ll use the acronym L.I.F.E. 
As it stands for Love Is For Everyone and that is the ultimate goal 
And the Grand Gesture is the ambition all must vow to uphold

-- Karinna T., 9th-12th Grade