Sweet Little Bubba

I wish I could have been there for you
I would have helped to try to protect you too

You have proven your loyalty in your fight alone 
With your death I'm left to mourn 

I can't believe you're really gone 
In my heart, you'll always live on 

If I could have only known you needed someone 
Close to you and by your side is where I would run 

I keep thinking, if only I was there 
That maybe you'd still be here 

If only I could comfort you so you won't feel scared 
If only I could hold you so you would feel how much I cared 

I hope you know how much I really loved you 
And that there is nothing I wouldn't do 

"Bubba," how brave you were 
And the courage you showed Gramma by dying for her 

Your name, Buddy, was truly meant for you 
Not only was your name Buddy, you were also a buddy too 

You'll always be my sweet little Bubba 
I will never forget you, and I hope you don't forget me 

I miss you, Bubba.

--Debra H., Adult