Secrets of High School

This is to high school
To the four years of my life 
Where I found out who I was 
And I learned how to survive 

Where I learned how to find x 
And what happened in our world before I was born 
Where I learned how to write essays 
And memorize the periodic table 

I may not have learned how to buy a house 
Or how to do my taxes 
I may not have learned how much I’m going to spend 
Or how to live alone 

But I did learn about friendships 
About how some become family 
And others are waiting for your downfall 
I learned how your best friend can betray you 

And how love can come in different forms 
I learned about heartbreaks 
And how to overcome it 

I learned how it’s not like the movies 
Where I will get to dance and sing on tables 
I learned where I might not find my true love 
But will have true friends 

I learned to do homework late at night 
And how to silent cry 
I learned about anxiety 
And the way how to hide it 

I learned that even though you work hard 
People may overlook it 
I learned how you might do everything 
yet it’s not enough 

I learned about rejection 
Even from your dreams 
I learned how the world might be against me 
But my parents will always support me 

So here’s to high school 
To the four years of my life 
Where I can say gracias to my supporters 
And finally say “I did it!”

-- Valentina L.M., 9th-12th Grade