Life right now is hard with Covid-19
Quarantine got my eyes stuck on a screen
All day long my eyes are glued to a glowing light
Ugh, thanks Covid-19


I feel like I’m stuck in a prison
 or a cage

I want to be back at school recess
Making dirt cakes with friends
What a mess!
A delicious mess!

I miss singing with my friend Lea down the halls of our school
We sang loud and clear 
about ducks
We didn’t care if the other kids at school thought we were 
We were having fun and I would do it all over again 
in a heartbeat!

We had a plan to go to the galaxy's edge at Disneyland
Ugh, Covid-19 
ran all over that plan

I miss going to my fun percussion class
Although I still zoom 
it’s not the same as
 being in a room
surrounded by marimbas and drums.
The sounds together
 made a musical hum

It’s been one year of this global Pandemic
And when this horrendous Virus does pass
I will hear my friend’s jokes and laugh
Out loud
I will sing with Lea in the halls 
with those stares
I will hear the music in my class
I will smile 
I will take off this mask


--Isla C., 3rd-6th Grade