Do you remember a period in your life when you wanted something so much you kept asking your parents to give it to you, 
You keep pestering them about it until they decided to buy it for you, 
They went to get what you want, 
Came home with it and handed to you, 

You got so excited that you forgot to thank them right away, 
How do you think they would feel when you wanted something so much that they decided to get it for you than you forgot to thank them right away, 
You were so excited to finally have what you wanted that you forgot about how hard your parents worked to get it for you, 

The many hours that your parents put in just to get the money, 
The amount of work they put in to get what you want, 
The many sacrifices that they made just for you, 
The amount of sleep they get just to get you what you want, 

Yet you don’t see it because you are so fixated on something,
If only you have a bigger point of view, 
You can finally see what your parents gave you, 
How much they sacrifice for you, 

Your parents gave you life, 
They gave you a roof over your head, 
They gave you food, 
They gave you the things you needed in life, 
They were their on your sad days and happy days, 
They gave you a family, 
They gave you love, 
They taught you about life, 
The good and bad things about life, 
They sacrifice sleep just to take care of you when you were unable too, 
They were there for you most of your life time, 

Look at all the things they sacrifice for you, 
Look at how hard they work just to support you, 
Look at all of the things that your parents gave you, 
Look at your house and belongings, 
Your parents gave you so much simply because they love you, 
They gave you everything that you ever wanted, 
It’s about time you realize it and appreciate the little things they do for you, 

Appreciate the food you have on the table, 
Appreciate the roof over your head, 
Appreciate the things your parents gave you, 
Appreciate the lectures your parents gave you, 
Appreciate the life your parents gave you, 
Just appreciate it, 

Then tell them “I love you”, 
Tell them “I appreciate all the things you’ve done for me”, 
Tell them “thank you for giving me a life”, 
Just tell them “thank you” everytime you can, 

Parents aren’t heroes, 
They are just like us, 
They are just normal human beings that are willing to protect their loved ones, 
That alone makes them heroes in our eyes

-- Lilly H., 9th-12th Grade