My Lyrics to the Earthsong

I am a Grandchild of the Earth
Hear my song
See my dance
Hear my song
See my dance

All ancestors created their own performance,
their own contributions to the Earthsong. ALL important additions
some woodwind, others bass or string,
Generation after Generation, they played their songs.
they danced on the Stage of Time.
but how the spotlight focuses on us, now
all seeing, watching with focused lens
Time’s stage welcomes us
to dance, to write, to perform OUR songs

My song starts, humble, with a single Heartbeat
born broke and bare in an ivory hospital room,
crying my First note, shrill and brave,
bundled and comforted in warm arms
crafters and rain dancers from my mothers Heritage
blood of warriors from my dad’s Lineage
Mixed without just one origin
the future yet a path untrodden, unrehearsed,
ungloried, unsoiled, yet to be written
My Experiences, My Voice, My Lyrics

I am a Grandchild of the Earth,
Loneliness was my school friend;
Injustice was my teacher; Anger, my fuel
raged and roared at the unfairness,
being hit by sharp metal wordplay of someone’s bias, feeling
neglected, unheard and unseen

My song was, no IS my own,
the emotion in my voice is real, the sound
a jingle of Joy, a drumbeat of Anger or Pain,
Sorrow through piano keys, Fear in the flute notes,
My Heart in every melodious note and key
Strength and Willpower through each beat,
The song grew stronger, louder with age,
louder and louder the music plays
string by string, my lyrics continue;

I now await the dawn of each new day,
a new chapter, a lyric to add to the Earthsong
yet to be spoken, yet to be complete,
it is my inner Strength that lays the rhythm
Actions and Thoughts write the lines,
a student of life, a factor in nature’s ongoing musical,
unrehearsed, my voice moves to my own tune,
step by step, cord by cord the song unfolds

I am a Grandchild of the Earth,
whose past is not my own but still mine,
unbelonging, mismatched, yet defined.
don’t corner my lyrics to a box or racial device,
the color of ink makes no difference to the notes on the sheet
this song is for All to hear as they write their own
each voice adding to the choir

I glance past my history, with all it is,
Learning but not dwelling,
Apart of me clearly, but never defining my voice,
a clear sound that is mine, all mine to add
I dance now, with a movement to make a difference
A change, in tune to the musical

I read the lyrics from the turbulent Past,
the sweet melodies, the sour notes, the hidden meanings
threatening to overshadow my History,
Blood and Sweat often blur the lines, and crack the voice
still this song plays on and on, careful to avoid repetition;

This is My performance, a work in progress
the piece only I can add, of my making
Music played from Heartstrings
Dance made with Emotion
Song from my own Voice

I am a Grandchild of the Earth,
Hear me sing
See me dance
Feel my Heart’s Worth, written in lyrics
My Lyrics to the Earthsong-

--Jonathan M., Adult