My Haunting

My endeavors whom haunt me, forever and ever. 
As these lurking demons are ever so clever. 
These demons whom bonds I wish to sever. 
For these same Demons, yes, these same demons whom are ever so clever. 
Are my endeavors that haunt me forever, and ever. 
Hidden in shadows where demons lurk forever. 
Silently listening to the muttering; the snickering as I lay in bed. 
Oh the dread, my spine shivering from the words they said, 
"We'll be off with his head!" 
My endeavors whom haunt me forever, and ever. 
As these lurking demons in my shadow still; deeming these acts of torment to be ever so clever. 
Their bonds never to be sever, nor to be rid of their words that last forever. 
As I scream out loud to these foul demons who are hidden ever so clever, 
"Leave me be!!" 
They scream back to me which rung forever, 

--Juan G., Adult