Love Who You Are

From a young age, we are taught to love who we are
I did for a long time 
When I was little I never had to worry about how I looked or what people thought of me 
I was happy and carefree 

Once I reached middle school it went downhill 
The little girl who could care less about what other people had to say all of a sudden cared deeply what others thought 
Everyone seemed to have something to say about me 
Someone would say they didn’t like my hair a certain way, 
Then I’d never do it that way again 

I started to pick myself apart until I felt like nothing 
Worthless was what I saw myself as 
Never pretty enough, never skinny enough, never enough 
I would never be or look like how others wanted me to 

Everyone tells you to just brush off the things people say because they are just words 
But it’s never that easy 
The same people telling me to love myself are the ones who bring me down 
Everyone tells you to love who you are, but how can I when the whole world is telling me not to

-- Marissa R., 9th-12th Grade