Life's Puzzling Pieces

They are a mystery.
They are a challenge. 
There are different levels of difficulty 
And as you grow, so does the number of pieces. 
They take time, 
And effort. 
But if done correctly, 
And patiently, 
In the end you put together 
A beautiful masterpiece. 

When you start out 
It can be overwhelming. 
Looking down at those thousand pieces 
So much to figure out 

You start with the corners 
Because that’s the easiest. 
Get the outline done first 
And everything else will fall into place 
And soon they start to. 
Things begin to click together 
Piece by piece. 

But then, it starts to fall apart. 

You sit and work on it, 
Learning every edge, 
Thinking you know where everything belongs. 
But now, those pieces won’t fit together 
You know they must. 
The pieces are so alike. 
So you slam your fist into the table! 
"If they don’t want to fit, 
I’ll make them." 

But that only makes things worse. 
You struggle and get lost in all the pieces 
Thinking there’s no way this will work 
And you want to give up. 
You lose sight of the big picture because you’re focused on one little piece. 

So you try to glance at someone else’s 
But they have a different picture than you. 
You can’t compare or 
Follow their map because it’s not congruent with yours. 
And you will become even more confused. 

Instead, you must focus on your own. 
Realize that every piece has a partner. 
Yes they may look alike, 
But as much as you want them to fit 
They weren’t made for each other. 

So you pull them apart and take another look at the scattered pieces 
You look at the box for guidance 
Reminding yourself of the beauty in the end. 
And piece by piece you start to rebuild. 

Slowly things start coming together 
And the picture reveals itself. 
You look back at all the memories each piece holds 
And the stories they have to tell 
And see now why some weren’t meant to be. 
Now, they have the perfect fit. 

And as you look down at your beautiful creation 
You realize that sometimes things fall apart 
So they can come together.

--Elizabeth M., Adult