I stand in the field
Flowers are all around me 

I see a tree, tall sturdy and strong 
Why can’t we be like this tree? 
Rooted in Something greater? 

I look farther. 
I see a rabbit 
Two rabbits 
One is white and the other is black 
They look like they are talking to each other 
Discussing current events 
Why can’t we be like these rabbits? 
Not judging by the color of their appearance? 

I look a little farther. 
I see two deer 
A male and female 
They are walking 
Together towards their home 
Why can’t we be like these deer? 
Male and Female (how it was meant to be)? 

I look back 
I see a city 
Burned to ashes 
A cross burning 
Dead everywhere (Black and white) 
A rainbow-colored flag rips from its flagpole 
Descending to the fires below 

I walk towards the city 
I feel pushed towards it 
I briefly look at the bodies 
Shot, stabbed, or clobbered to death 

I walk by the cross 
It burns, it burns 
Black as coal 
Then collapses in a heap of ashes 

I walk further 
I cannot stop 
I look back 
The field is almost gone 

“Help!” I cry 
I am still the same 
A man appears in front of me 
He looks kind, peaceful 
A Savior 
He walks toward me and embraces me 
I feel free 

I start to walk back with the man 
I start to walk 
Then jog 
Then run 

I arrive in the field 
I look back 
The man is gone 
And so is the city
I am safe 

-- Caleb A., 9th-12th Grade