Butterflies in Disguise

Tiny caterpillars I may see
But think how lovely they will be. 
I watch them day and night and hope with all my might, 
That someday I will see, the beautiful butterflies they will be.

Eating, eating is all they do. 
No longer tiny, as they grew. 
I noticed that they grew in strides, 
No longer are caterpillars now chrysalides.

They stay in their homes called a cocoon for many moons. 
How they shake and shake in what looks like a dance 
But really they are telling predators “you won't have a chance.” 

Here I still stand as still as a mouse, 
When finally, they push and push until they’re free of their house. 
Nowhere to find those caterpillars of mine 
But instead I spy butterflies! 

Butterflies! I say. 
And as my heart sings, 
I see them pump their beautiful wings.
As they take flight into the golden sunlight,
I say goodbye until they fly out of sight. 
However, their story does not end you see, 
They too will lay eggs and tiny caterpillars those eggs will be.

--Gabriella G., 3rd-6th Grade