But If...

The sound of my pen on the paper. 
Voicing my thoughts to the world. 
I hope someone frames my writing.
But if not, someone will. 

My feet hit the ground. 
My heart hits my chest. 
I hope I pass the finish line first.
 But if I don’t, my family will always be there.  

The first note’s here. 
The symphony comes. 
I hope people hear me. 
But if no one does, I will still play. 

My hands touch the cool dirt.
My fingers trace green leaves. 
I hope someone sees my garden bloom. 
But if not, it will still grow.  

The feel of canvas on my feet. 
My body moving to the music. 
I hope the whole world sees me dance. 
But if they never even know my name, Jesus will.

--Savannah H., 3rd-6th Grade