Arrullo Para las Generaciones

I am my grandmother in my cross-stitching 
Lady like patience with elegant hands
Retelling stories with each piercing of the fabric 
Memories woven in colorful thread 

I am my grandfather when I sit at the piano and sing 
Lancet scarred fingertips strumming guitars 
The chords and notes of an old song 
Voices harmonizing in a duet never done 

I am my mother when I stand against those who say “You can’t” 
Those graveyard shifts and textbooks 
The sacrifice of love 
Success and purpose as revenge 

I am my father in my eyes 
A lonely child in a lavender dress 
Waiting for someone who never came 
The fallibility of a parent, forgiven 

I am the moors in my appearance 
Strong, dark haired and olive skinned 
A picture of generations past, the universal race 
Tradition wrapped in a feminist storm 

I am a warrior despite those who’ve hurt me 
Their insecurities and my bitter heartache 
My healing scars and their open wounds 
I open the doors that were once closed 
I light the hallways that were once dark 

I am my mentors as I continuously challenge myself 
An icosahedron kite that I could finally get to fly 
Astrophysics and solar flares, geology, and geomatics 
All the things that I know I can do 

I am the love of great teachers in my love of learning 
That Aha! moment after two hours of struggling 
When I finally know what I did wrong 
Satisfaction in a little green box

I am the beauty of those who’ve loved me 
Perfect imperfection and always changing 
Borrowed bravery in an endless quest 
Awestruck wonder in something small 

I am a legacy of all those who’ve come before me 
From sugar cane plantation owners 
To orange grove field laborers 
The summation of their goals 

I am an example of all those who will come after me 
The women who will break the domestic chains 
The girls, fearless, who will explore the unknown 
The castaway souls and the forgotten faces 
They are worthy of so much more 

You are faster than I am 
You are stronger than I am 
You are smarter than I am 
You will fly higher 
You will dream bigger 
You will be more 

You will change the world 

You are my legacy

--Claudia L., Adult