Anxious is how I feel all the time many late nights spent just sat up crying 

How could I not when all I can think about is how I’m gonna die and all the things that could kill me and take away my life
Never felt so bad in my life, corona made us see that anything can turn bad and sometimes even worse overtime 

Nothing is the same and everything seems dirty everything scares me and it seems that death is always on its journey towards me 

I think so much now not like ever before 

Like I’m trapped inside life but I’m not living it, and passing away is the scariest thought of all 

Everyone says it’s gonna be okay but they don’t really know everything is uncertain as we know 

So I’m probably wasting too much time worrying about everything but that seems like all I can ever do
So, I hope I’m back to normal soon it’s not fun for me and it’s even less fun to think that I might never be back to normal again and that I’d have to deal with this for the rest of my life

--Hailey S., 7th-8th Grade