Why I Love Books

To me, reading isn't just looking at pages with words. It's an escape and a solace. 
The pages are other worlds and lands, countless realms filled to the brim with magic and love, life and death, heroes and villains, some you never see coming, twists around every corner.
Books hold heroes who show courage and strength. People just like me I can meet and love and cherish with my entire being. There are people who teach me to love and cry and who tell me to be strong and to have courage, who show me that family is not blood, it's the ones who you love and who love you. I feel what they feel, I see what they see. I cry over the fallen and honor them everyday. 
Books tear me apart, leave me shredded, then they lovingly, tenderly, put me back together, making me stronger then I was before. 
Every page takes and adds to my soul. My actions yesterday and today and tomorrow and forever are influenced by my love of books and their unwavering loyalty. They are there when people leave and when they come. My faithful pillars of stability. When I'm depressed they get me up again. Books are my magic. 
Books have been there for me when people weren't. When I had nobody and nothing. When I was covered in bruises and crying in the dark, they were there for me. Books were my parents when they were high or neglectful (which was all the time). They were my friends and lovers, (because boys are always better in books). Books saved me when I was contemplating death. No one knew that, of course. But I will always forever be grateful.

-- Thana Q., 9th-12th Grade