Who Am I?

Who am I? 
The buzz of a tiny fly, 
A towering Sequoia tree, 
Or the wings of a darting bee? 

Who made me? 
A painter of things yet to be, 
Who paints a portrait of the perfect scene, 
The scene of a movie across life's TV screen? 

Why am I here? 
To be the light that makes the fog seem clear, 
To take up space in uncharted land, 
When everything else is done, to just stand. 

Where will I go?
Down a river where the currents flow, 
In a spaceship to the moon, 
Or on a camel riding a sand dune? 

I am all that I imagine myself to be. 
Following my dreams is what makes me free. 
Free from prejudice, free from fear 
To love me and hold myself dear. 

To find my voice and speak it loud! 
To be bold and be proud! 
To be thankful for me!
And all the things I choose to be!

--Kristina G., Adult