When It's Felt

Longing for a goal post to run to.
Loneliness is felt most when the temp bites ur body as u hit the frigid sheets,
No one to embrace,
No warmth of a debutante kiss,
No soprano voice to be heard, just house creaks,
And passing of cars on a nearby street.
No arms for refuge or cover from the day’s chaos,
U missing ur comforter, me missing my body pillow.
No one to put their ear to my sternum and hear the stern pounding of my internal ambition.
“Ur heartbeat is so strong” u say, thunderous thump after thunderous thump.
Blood trickle from ventricle, to atrium, atrium to the vessel, vessel to The God... Yahweh.
I lost u because I misread mah-way.
Memorial episodes play to ease the single dove’s flight.
Her Jadore smell, her Lubriderm touch, her lust invoking lips.
Her vulnerable gaze as she stares into my eagle’s pierce.
“I love U Rochon” then “poof” it disintegrates.
There I am, the only one in the theater as the credits role, I begin to weep
The part I so dreaded has arrived, the end.
Then I open my eyes to feel the sting of an uncrowned king in a California king, fetal and solo.
Rest and recovery, as loneliness is at its height.
A prayer for love cravings cure, Goodnight.

--Rochon R., Adult