When I was a youngster Son

When I was a youngster son, just about your age
Your dad thought he was a badass, inside I had the same rage.
I brought my family sadness in everything I’d done
I never stopped to listen once cause I was having too much fun.
But now that I am your father I can see where I went wrong,
I guess I never looked twice son to see my families love was really strong.
So listen to your dads story and listen to it well
Don’t follow in my footsteps, they might take you straight to Hell.
All I’m trying to tell ya and all your dads trying to say,
is I don’t want you getting in trouble and I don’t want you to turn out this way.
Don’t ever hurt your mommy, cause she’s cried too many tears
and your dads the one that gave them to her for so many years.
There is one more thing to tell you son, something dad won’t ever hide,
You know I’ll always love you Buddy and you feel dads’ heart with pride.

--Timothy I., Adult