When I Used to Dream

When I used to dream I thought we were good
Evil was a circumstance, curable
Misguided, but nothing innate
In all likelihood

When I was a dreamer I thought nothing was unknowable
A world among a universe so beautiful
But yet we're nothing but angry primates
Among each other in a way so fallible

When I used to dream I thought we all thanked a world so bountiful
But a few years later I knew I was wrong
We become the blight we never wanted to see
We tear, burn, and break, as though it were dutiful

When I was a dreamer, I thought we were becoming a harmonious song
Yet really we'll all be warring to be heard
That's our common idiosyncrasy
I guess it really is that hard just to get along

When I used to dream I thought hate was a fearable word
That all people had some semblance of grace
And I naively thought we had common epistemology
Twas'nt long before their rage-filled faces unblurred

When I was a dreamer the world was a kinder place
Ne'er was there a mean face
Nor a person by reason unswayed
But alas, I was a dreamer.
Much to my dismay

--Ajay D., Adult