What I Have and What I Don't Have

I have Major Depression Disorder
I also have PTSD
And Anxiety
And a history of Suicidal Ideations and attempts
Wanna know what I don't have?

I don't have a dad
He was never part of my life
He chose drugs over his own family
I lived with him for a month
He tried hurting me, then he kicked me out

I don't have a mom
She doesn’t want me anymore
She was always putting me in harm’s way
I lived all my life in fear of her
Then when she hit me, I left her care for good

I don't have a boyfriend
He left me almost two months ago
He couldn't handle what I was going through
I loved him with all my heart
Then I decided to move on from him for the better

But I do have a lot of good things
Things I never would have thought id get
These things are what keeps me going

I have a best friend
She and I have been friends for almost 5 years
She loves being there for those she loves
She was and still is my other half
Now we do a lot of things together, like sisters

I have a passion for writing
Writing is my way of communicating
Writing chose me to be passionate about it
I never thought I would get this far with it
Now I can't put down my pencil ever

I have gained my confidence
Before, I would never even talk about anything
Confidence chose me so I can better myself
I now can feel confident with my head, my body, and my heart
Now, my confidence isn’t going away any time soon

So you see, I might have lost a lot of things
But I’ve also gained a lot over the course of two months
This is just the beginning of my life and my career
So let's see what is next in my book

-- Mckalah J., 9th-12th Grade