We Are Free

When I was younger we closed doors
that weren't meant to be closed yet,
We locked those demons up
along with unanswered questions
Like a mystery
or maybe just you and me not wanting to accept the true reality.
We act
Like we weren't the child or parent that lived there once before.
I go back and open doors,
That's how I make peace
So that my spirit can move on because those shadows still swallow me.
I needed you to catch me,
I was so weak,
Heavy breathing,
Too scared to sleep,
Losing weight,
Hard to eat,
Deeply depressed,
I'd rather be dead.
I needed you
To catch me
as these demons kept coming after me.
I couldn't defeat the horrible things that man once did,
But I needed you more
than anything to catch me.
There is no end
to this love, even though
We traveled dark shallow roads
Feeling there's no hope
we made it through
until the sunrise came up,
walking hand in hand
I'd do it again
because our love
is not meant to be broken
it will forever remain solid just like the first time you saw me,
our love will remain the same just like the day you gave me
my name.
let there be no regrets
we are stronger
you are better now
you have grown into the perfect flower
better late than never,
because we wouldn't be this story
you listen to me read
piece by piece
you say you regret all of the things
you have did
mainly the times you started at 6 a.m
until your body hit the bed
spinning rooms
and constant vomit
year after year
until you finally had it.
I tell you don't have regrets
beautiful you made it
with just those 12 steps
I forgive you
so let's walk those steps
one by one
as we both know recovering addicts
our 12 steps don't just end with a chip
we got this,
we have closed doors
you have gotten the strength
to catch me,
there is no end
to this mother daughter bonding
so please accept it all
with me so your spirit can be set free
let there be no regret
let's take these 12 steps
forward and move on
from what we feel is haunting,
we can now shut those doors
and we can now be the mother daughter
we both worked so hard for
We are set free!

--Dashia J., Adult