Washed on the shore

Many moons have passed 
    since left you alone. 
.....standing there on the shore, 
with a flower in your hand. 
    This last view of you 
    haunts me Forevermore. 
    But time is a liar 
    no friend of mine. 
I thought I would endure 
with the Persistance of time. 
    But my thoughts are 
    haunted through remembrance; 
.....And our love is Nevermore. 
    So many regrets. 
    So many promises faded in time. 
Broken dreams are washed on the shore. 
    And as time continues, 
    The sun rises and sets. 
Your love has also set. 
    Yet, the promise of love 
    is an Everlasting regret. 
All I ask is your forgiveness. 
    I am guilty 
    must suffer the consequence. 🌹

--Eloy G., Adult