I once rode in a hot air balloon that was tethered to the ground.
The balloon rose in the air swaying gently in the breeze.

Exciting, adventurous … secure, bound.
That is how life with you felt.
Ropes of thick strong arms that kept touch with me yet let me rise and sway.
Floating, free … connected, safe.

Surrounded below by a net of love, I had no fear.
I never fell harder than your net could catch.
Strong, able … assured, confident.

I wonder if you ever thought of my life as a balloon?
Did you gaze up at me?
Was I a treasure tied to your wrist?

From above and below we watched helplessly as the ropes untied.
Out of reach you passed me as you rose up and floated away.
I no longer float carelessly free. I am adrift … untethered

--Jennifer D., Adult