The World

Giggles are weird
People are strange
So many bad things happen in the world today! 

There’s violence and murder
War and chaos 
“Gosh darn it! I lost this coin toss!” 

While murder is bad, 
And violence kills 
There’s even worse things! 
Like dying from pills! 

And doing drugs 
~ chuckle ~ 
There’s tons of that! 
Some drugs make a massive impact!

There’s also smoking! 
And alcohol too! 
Aw am I making you feel blue? 

In all love
There is pain
It can come from the heart!
And from the brain!

But that’s not bad
It’s gives the relationship spice!
Eventually you can work things out 
That’s always nice 

Back to the problems in so-ciety! 
Oh did I mention suicide dying? 

There is kids
Who think there thoughts 
In the most suicidal way!

It makes people worry 
And feel sad
But when ending their life, 
That kid feels glad! 
No more pain, 
No more suffering!
I swear on god that I’m not bluffing!

Oh that’s not the worst!
Yes there’s more too!
Man our world is like a zoo

With all shapes
And sizes
There comes the thing about race

Gosh the world seems like an awful place

There was this thing I think people called slavery
Dark skinned people made the light skinned angry
So they locked them up without hesitation
They put them to work on this thing called a plantation

They gave the dark skinned bruises
Bleeding hands
And aching sores
And this was all-from silly chores!

They kept them till they were old
Expected no complaints
Frightened the children with iron gates

It was pretty bad
But we got over this problem 
Now all people are glad

Now let’s get back to all things brutal
Talking all happily is just futile

There’s stuff like abuse
Mental and physical
Bleeding until heaven seems almost visible

Staying alive just for one day
Can end up making you want to end this display

Like I mentioned before
There is such things as wars 
Where people kill each other just to prove a point
Wow it would be lovely to survive from that joint

It seems unreal
But there is worse things in life

Like lying your way into a cell 
Yes I am talking about going to jail 
You can go for the safety of others
Maybe their scared to be smothered
Maybe your loving wasn’t enough

Man the world is rather tough
And yet 
We all deal with this stuff 
We deal with the pain
In our very own way

Whether it’s violence and chaos, 
Psychotic laughter,
Crying out your soul,
Enjoying the pain,
Either way,

It’s all in your brain.
It decides what you can and can’t see
Wow another load of blasphemy!
It also decides in what you do or don’t believe,
The belief of god is not religious for me

I think it’s better to take life at its own pace
And not to let your mind be all over the place 

Unfortunately for me
My sorrow isn’t there 
It makes me laugh at the saddest things 
As if I just don’t care

And sometimes I do 
Sometimes I don’t
We all have our own ways to float

Now back to things that are sad
Like cancer and diabetes
Dying of an illness
Or a disease
But alas
~ sad sigh ~ 
That’s for another day
I leave you to your thoughts 
In peace, may you lay.

--Alexandria L., 3rd-6th Grade