The Porch

A heavenly angel wing like white garden table and chairs placed perfectly on a baby blue porch, with soft white trimming against a pretty baby blue cottage style house.

No one is present, yet somehow it radiates life within its own presence. Off in the short distance the sunlight beaming through the background of luscious green shrubbery.

This warm cuddly vision brings a deep feeling of family and togetherness. An eagerness to feel the warmth of the Summer sun, share a glass of iced tea or sweet and sour lemonade with loved ones now gone. To sit within this perfectly heartwarming setting and reminisce with each of you who were taken by death much too soon.

Although, there is no human portrayal in sight, I imagine my family sitting at the angel wing like garden table surrounded by love and laughter. Sharing this beautiful white table and chairs set in this majestic sunlit baby blue cottage style house and frilly white trim.

Drawn completely into this sight. The heavenly angel wing like white garden table and chair set lying within this beautifully white trimmed baby blue cottage style house longing for human touch. The radiance of the summer sun peeking shyly through the thick plush greenery covering the baby blue porch with a soothing warmth. Gazing upon this vision, a smile, a great sense of peace, tranquility, and an overwhelming feeling of love and hope.

--John R., Adult