Stolen Soul

With all the love she gave,
She always received a little.
But never once complained,
She knew some loves were brittle.
Every smile she offered,
Was often never returned.
Still strangers came with tin cans,
Collecting smiles they never earned.
Shoulder soaked in tears,
With none of them her own.
Lent her ear to everyone,
All the while she felt alone.
Many borrowed her thoughts,
Drawing lines across her head.
Carelessly traveled her mind,
She followed to be misled.
So patiently she waited,
For someone to shine a light.
But darkness filled to brim,
Not a single one in sight.
Coldness started swimming,
Her pool of loneliness.
No one there to save her,
As she drowned in their success.
Naive to give her love,
Hoping to change the world.
She should’ve changed her mind,
To know what she deserves.
But though they stole her soul,
She never blamed the thief.
For robbing hers was the only way
Their souls could be relieved.

--Ryah L., Adult