Solemn and Black

We follow a path against the grain
A speechless trail we carve amongst 
The shapes in the clouds
Homeless winds pass on our left 
Unlawful and unwilling to be led
Just like us

 I can't remember a time
When we weren't hated for our voice
Or questioned for our choice 
Feared for our color 
Solemn and black 

We fill in spaces between the light 

Escape is what we do 
To flee the misunderstanding and pray for the misfire 
We take our pay in bottle caps 
While hiding our hoards deep

Wolves in a witches sky 

As you see
My murder and me run free
We glean the farmer's field 
And preen our havoc without yield
In endless dust we leave behind 

A scourge we plant in your mind 

Outcasts are them and I 
The superstition of the stupid
Plagues me and my kind 
We rise above society's fire Literal, 
Because we can

Having whipped up a tempest
For the soul of man 
That's solemn and black

--Molly N., Adult