Precious Time

The world as we know it has become a strange and unfamiliar place, 
Where fear and uncertainty have come to rob us of our joy. 

We need to rest in the certainty and beauty of time, 
The grace in its patience in making us whole again. 

When the night seems cold and the world unfair, 
A hope can be found in each moment called time. 

Slowly healing, gradually changing, eventually renewing, 
Strengthening and nurturing us as it passes. 

When catastrophe hits or trouble abounds, when is all seems overwhelming, 
Just remember there will be a tomorrow and the sun will shine bright again. 

Be assured time will make its way, 
It will change things; it will change us with each passing day. 

We may not see it, but as days become years we will look back without regret, 
Only then, will we see what time has accomplished in making us who we are meant to be. 

What an amazing life made up of this beautiful concept of precious time, 
Strangely the seeming bad times and the unimaginable can create a strength within us all, 

Let’s choose our time wisely, fill it with hope, love, kindness and forgiveness,
May we never take it for granted and treasure it as a wonderous gift. Time Precious Time.

--Jennifer S., Adult