The New One’s Center Had Moved

The new one’s center had moved. 
The infant’s place of anchor had gone. 
Neither the boy nor young man knew. 
Their lives were marked as well. 
All lost to empty time of living, 
Where wisdom & books have no meaning. 
They each looked to the man to be. 
“Grow up,” The man yelled. “Look out for yourself.” 
They all wanted a way back, 
Back to the place of beginning. 
They asked a fix from him. 
“Between the rising & setting sun,” 
He exclaimed, 
“Go to the beginning there. 
Breath out the flames which burn your heart. 
There your body & voice of being can be found.
A life of quiet, joy & peace.
“Hurry - 
The old man is coming!” 

--Richard B., Adult