Between the darkness of night and the light of dawn, She is seen holding on to the pain of her youth a pawn her face, and yet darkness can not mask her beauty nor any light outshine her strength.

    I am vulnerable in gaze and trapped by my conviction. In her eyes, I am a man and a child desiring her attention. My fear and hope bound me like chains, like cuffs on a convicted criminal. I stand fixated half awake and half asleep, holding onto a distant dream. Like a condemned man holding on to him last breath, my lungs expand and contrast with the sound of her name in the wind.

    Yet, had I not suffered this fate of sallitude. I would not have known the essence of a woman, which I have come to know by name. Nor would have I known the patience it takes to be a man, if I had not known her name.

    So now I stand weirry waiting in awe and amazement in her presence. Am captivated by her sincerity that blows out from her lips,the movement in her hips, and honestly in her eyes. I am enchanted in these moments between us. In between the darkness of night and the light of dawn. To the song of her name, the sorrow of her story, and the melody of her courage.

    So while I just uphold my sentence. I alone take part in this Holy Communion. Between the darkness of night, and the light of dawn. Where only I know the gift that I hold in the beauty of her name.

--Eddie C., Adult