Heavenly Divine

A poem like fine wine in light of the Heavenly Divine about the love between the now and hereafter written in scriptures for thy eyes to see and thy ears to hear from the One true God who makes it clear that it's He we need to fear.

I'm just a simple man and just as simple as can be trying to find where I belong in this hellbound world of Babylon enlightened by the word of God how to earn thy crown by living righteously as one can be alongside Thee Almighty King of Kings to fulfill thy will by shouting out a message of truth on top of the Holy hill of Zion.

I'm not that well educated but it's not hard to see those that have been easily manipulated to some degree who have a PHD or MD and I don't have any big letters before my name other than the truth of the word of God with a big G who I believe has called upon to me to write a recite spiritual poems and songs like king Solomon like I've never done for Lord thy God Almighty almost daily and I tell you no lie that some of these words that I write send a chilling feeling up and down my spine scaring my own self as well sometimes.

You see my brother's and sister's there's a fine line behind the essence of time in the bitter sweetness of fine wine in the fruit of the root of truth growing on the branches of the vines in light of the Heavenly Divine for those who will find if it was meant for it to be for those to see, hear and believe in the ultimate truth of thy testimony from within Thee Almighty.

Here is something to remember way back then when the Messiah lived amongst us in the flesh leaving His footsteps in the sand walking upon shore of Galilee and throughout the Holy lands for those to follow and honor Him by doing these things that are written in light of His remembrance in the Book of Leviticus that many will say that those are the old testaments and done with.

You see whether those want to believe it or not God mentions that He is same today as He was yesterday and we are all being deceived after the GREAT flood waters of Noah's ark through son of Ham who begat Cush who begat Nimrod and was a mighty hunter from within the earth and even though it is said that Nimrod was a mighty hunter before the Lord it was the beginning of his kingdom that was Babel.

So you see this is how we've been walking since the beginning behind the dark shadows of hell under Nimrod's kingdom filled with deceptions, deceiving the generations of nations around the world, who are seeking for the light of salvation and Nimrod is not a mystery he is written throughout Biblical scripture and in history.

The word of God is like fine wine captured in time growing on the branches of the vines and a chosen few will taste the sweetness over bitterness seeing the right over wrong from One true God who's not of this world watching everything unfold from above and beyond the heavens in the clouds.

So here are my words I set in motion with true love and devotion for Thee Almighty Heavenly Father I place in a cork bottle casting it into the ocean so it may travel.

A spiritual poem in light of message about the finest wine captured in time the fruit of the root of the truth and if it was for it meant to be for those to see, hear and believe in the ultimate testimony of the truth of the Spirit of prophecies may they spread it about with spirituality in light of Thee Almighty and rise above the ashes of Babylon standing alongside Thee

Almighty King of Kings the Lord of Lords and tastes the sweetest over bitterness throughout the Holy Spirit of the wind blowing grains of sand in light of the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last captured in time like in an hourglass amen.

If I offended anyone in light of these words that I've written and said, I ask for thy forgiveness because it was not my attention as I try to fulfill thy will the day God called upon me to do so, with my breastplate and body of armor rod and shield helmet of salvation shouting out a message unto all the generations of the nations.

--Manuel S., Adult