You know the word but do you know the meaning?
We were born into this world
supposed to be free,
And yet here we are caged in these walls unable to see
The Outside World.
The kings and queens say we have the freedom
to speak
But why is my mouth shut closed
when I try to fight for what
I believe in.
The papers are censored unwilling
to say the truth;
Keeping secrets and erasing memories
from those who deserve it most.
We want to fly over the walls
to see what the world has to offer
Yet the hierarchies clips our wings
And we fall
to the ground
Like angels that fall
from heaven to hell.
We want to see the ocean, fire water, lands made of ice, and fields of sand;
We want to see the world
beyond these walls
If it won't be given
Then I'll fight to take it from those
Who withhold it
from us
I'll fight and kill if I have to but I have my intentions
Only do it
For the ones I love
I'll be the one who redefines it
I'll be the hunter that will
Forge for my freedom
outside these walls
Call it my war
When I reach my freedom
I'll yell "Gloria"
So everyone will know
That I dedicated my heart to humanity. 
I got to see the world; the fields of sand, lands of ice, fire water, 
and the ocean
I was finally free
But I lost myself, my meaning
Along the way
Causing destruction,
Murdering innocents,
And losing my friends' trust.
I was free but they were not;
I only thought of
I wish I could say sorry to those I hurt
Though that is impossible
Because I will die
To make up for what everyone else lost
because of me.
Everything I lost
Everything we lost
was not worth

-- Cristal B., 9th-12th Grade