Floating on a Rock, In Space

Somewhere, floating on a rock, in space,is the other side of This..
It's a sweet and simple place, you wouldn't want to miss.
.. Where people actually speak sincere words, and there's still value in shaking a hand,
.. Where every life knows their worth, and people seek to understand.
Where babies are born, and never harmed..
.. and, no matter where they play, no need to be alarmed.
Where men, and women, walk the same walk..
.. and no-one, ever, is afraid to talk.
Where mothers are mothers,angels at their feet.
.. and children never have to learn the meaning of deceit.
Where all that matters, can't be bought..
Bravery and dignity is the first thing we're taught.
Where the sacred oath of office is bound by integrity..
Each of us,a treasured link, from sea to shining sea.
Where your time is your favorite gift to give..
.. and everyone's motto is "live and let live".
Where creatures are cherished,far and wide..
.. and lips have never spoken the word suicide.
Where there's a cure for all that ails..
.. and love is the breeze under our sails.
Where music is not only heard, but felt..
.. and each of us owns the hand we've been dealt.
.. it's really been here all along, under a cloud of disgrace,
Or, maybe, it only exists in songs..
.. floating on a rock in space.

--Melody S., Adult