Blue on Green

I walk on a blue and green canvas
I live on a blue and green canvas
I get lost on this blue and green canvas
With only four arrows to show me the way
5         Walking towards the blue, and I can feel the brown getting

Holding me back with just a dark line of foam
The dark line that I refuse to notice
The dark line that I refuse to be caged by
The dark line that tells me danger lies ahead
10       So, I walk to the green and nothing pulls me back
I explored the green for years
Looking for what is not lost, but is hidden far from sight
Confused, frustrated, and angry did I turn back
But a call I did hear, a call pulling me back, and holding me
           down on this green canvas

15       I made a new friend, called Gravity
I took gravity as I walked to the blue
The dark lines appear, and I shudder
The waves clashing like hundreds of swords
Before I knew it, Gravity pushed me
20       And into the blue I went, without the four arrows
Regretting ignoring those dark lines
I went up, stayed there for a second
I felt something wrapping itself around my legs, pulling me

I knew who this was: Gravity
25       Down, down, down, I went
No sound, no light, no sight
All quiet and full of darkness
I felt my feet set on the brown as I laid
Gravity pressing me down till I couldn’t
30       The blue had won, and the dark lines pitying me
I remained still, till my breath went out
Gravity, I needed
Gravity, I was let down by
Gravity, did I drown   

-- Fisayo O., 9th-12th Grade