An Ode to Nature

Stuck inside almost every day,​ 
Glued to screens we almost never go out to play,​ 
What happened to our young old days?​ 
On my laptop I hear the birds,​ 
Out chirping their songs almost like humans and our words,​ 
I shut my technology off and go outside,​ 
How can one push all this beauty aside?​ 
The green grass,​ 
the blooming bushes,​ 
the beautiful flowers,​ 
How did I forget about all this whilst inside?​ 
I sit on the grass,​ 
The weatherman on cue with this lovely forecast,​ 
The sun on my face how lovely it feels,​ 
My eyes are reopened as nature reveals,​ 
The birds sing their sweet songs,​ 
Everything feels as if it belongs,​ 
My two dogs sit beside me,​ 
It’s just us three,​ 
I look up and see the fluffy clouds,​ 
It's just me there are no crowds,​ 
I love nature and all its design,​
Everything oh so fine,​ 
Everything beautiful and crafted so detailed,​ 
My eyes unveiled,​ 
Everything is beautiful and perfect,​ 
Everything is right outside, from technology just disconnect.​

-- Chloe M., 9th-12th Grade