A Light I Can Not Lose

When my Sun stopped shining 
I drank up the Moon instead. 
The dreamy light did draw me 
Like a needle pulling thread. 

Yet when the Moon ran shallow 
I swallowed the Stars as well, 
For I know to feel empty 
Is the cruelest kind of Hell. 

And then my Sky was darkened. 
But those little Lights below 
Did delight my starving eyes, 
Captured by the sweetest show. 

And so I drifted downward 
Til my form did reach the Earth. 
A body I had not looked to 
Since the moment of my birth. 

Then with that Flame before me 
I could not believe my eyes, 
For the fire flared so warmly 
And I recoiled in surprise! 

The lights I had diminished 
Had a cold celestial glow, 
Yet this ruby wick before me 
Held a warmth I did not know. 

Before I could consider 
Withdrawing my star-lit arm, 
I reached out to catch the flame 
Expecting pain and harm. 

The fire spread upon me 
Towards the hollow of my chest 
And when it hit my silver heart 
It quickly spread to the rest. 

Yet swiftly it extinguished 
And my scarred viens had not burned. 
They were filled with molten gold- 
The ephemeral had been turned. 

Now when I look above me 
My sky is the warmest hues, 
And it reflects within me 
A light I can not lose.

--Hannah H., Adult