911 Happened Before I was Born

911 happened before I was born. 
My mother and father had hoped for I was not forlorn. 
The day, the horror, the despair. 
It makes me wonder why I wasn’t there? 
But glad I only heard the news..
 After the fact.. 
The attack. 
On our democracy. 
On our people. 
On our America. 
Heroes were born that day, September 11, 2001. 
One voice. 
One spirit. 
Unity in the chaos. 
A new day was dawning. 
Waking up to September 12, 2001 must have been awesome. 
Because there was hope for a new day. 
A spirit awakens in the darkness. 
Hope rose from the ashes of despair. 
Now I know why I wasn’t there.

-- Lucas M., 9th-12th Grade