High School: Second Place Winner

The Loudest Three Words

Humming in my mind
Like a million voices trying to talk all at once 

It feels as if Florida just sat on my ears in the prime of summer,
And all of a sudden I've developed a stutter 

My stomach feels like 2 unimaginably large sea creatures
Are fighting for the last bit of prey in the entire ocean, 

And the commotion, has spawned the greatest tsunami in history filled with a newly popular breed of fish named,

My every limb is tapping
like an inexperienced drummer playing bongos

My teeth chattering to the beat of my heart
As the distance between my mind and body grow farther apart,

All screams from my soul telling me
When I say the most intangible three words,

I don't know if I truly mean them.

-- Asia B., 9th-12th Grade