Memetic Transcendence Through Culture and Language

Can something all powerful yet non-physical be quantifiable?

Is it possible to measure an invisible strength

that shapes every thought we make?

It’s a force not formed of any material substance,

it’s only perceptible through mental constructions.

So what creates and sustains the influence of culture,

is it contained in the mixture of nature and nurture?

Where innate instincts and drives intertwine

with imagined concepts in our brains’ neocortex?

Can we locate exactly where this fusion takes place on our cognitive substrate,

and analyze how neural components encode the stimuli of vocal waves?

Cause these sound sequences are discerned as sensory impulses,

data fragments that are converted into electrochemical action potentials

and disbursed by neurotransmitters into our

cortical network of pattern recognizers.

Modules within which our brains’ neuronal language translates these information bits

into individual lines and pixels layered into arrays of details

synchronously streamed to construe meaning within our cerebral circuitry.

So can the ingredients composing this process be dissected down into organic elements,

and reveal why figments of consciousness dictate nearly every aspect of our existence?

Or is cultural influence an abstract instrument that’s independent of biological mechanisms,

a social contrivance that’s mutated a viral transcendence in the propagation of belief systems?

Where cultures’ resemblance to viruses lies in its lifeless replicating,

grown and molded in minds through standardized phoneme patterning,

manifesting expressions consisting of specific thoughts and feelings

that breed competition between human populations over ideological variation,

reflecting the structure and function of evolutionary natural selection.

So is it an enigmatic entity with emergent life properties?

A digital technology needing our metabolic energy to regenerate endlessly?

Adaptive behavior is a universal feature throughout nature,

so innovation through reconfigurations of information is an infinite endeavor.

--Illya V., Adult