People age like a modern-day pottery.

Like your life spinning on a potter’s wheel unknowing what will become such as a lump of clay formed through the hands of another.

Such as being wedged on a bat until centered to begin to rise.

Pushing through with pressure and creating force balancing until your centered on a wheel.

As you pull up to growth as you squeeze water through a sponge.

Watching the progression as the moisture creates slip that helps form what will become such as a watered tree in a garden thriving to become.

Through stillness of mind and thought the walls being to rise and form a barrier to your soul and a heart that will soon be encased within a barrier that will only be shared with few.

Ageing as you pull through the various layers of clay like the rings inside a tree that grounds itself with its roots that begin to create an unknown life from within.

Spinning and spinning on a potter’s wheel in various speeds wanting to play and create life as you pull towards what is all inevitably known to us as ageing.

--Rumaldo M., Adult