It weeps for me because I have been broken.
Used over and over again like a token
passed from hand to hand.
It wonders when I will stand

Trust me, I ask myself the same thing over and over again.
But I am bound to a chain,
a chain of fake friends, lies, hurt.
So tired of being treated like dirt.

I try to loosen the bond.
But it only gets tighter and no one will respond.
It weeps because of the pain.
The pain that seems to gain and gain.

I look out and see people passing me with looks of disgust,
while I sit like a nail waiting to rust
It weeps because of the sorrow,
piling up like Mount Kilimanjaro. 

It weeps for me.
I weep for the people who have acted so beastly.
As I stare at them with tears streaming down my face,
They look at me taking my last breath finally completing my race. 

-- Francesca L., 9th-12th Grade