Room 13 Poems

Cold Chilly Night

I was cold on one chilly night
I was so cold
I almost froze to death
I was so cold
What about you?

-- Esmeralda B., 3rd-6th Grade

The Rat

My baby brother is a rat
so I gave him a hat
for he could take a nap
then, he gave me some slap
for I can go hack
for the same slack.

-- Angelina B., 3rd-6th Grade

Boys – Girls

Ugly  Loathsome
Fighting  Running  Hogging
Monster  Dirt  Air  Princess
Playing  Reading  Writing
Cute  Smart

-- Zariah B., 3rd-6th Grade


They fly
They fly around
They are flying to Merced.

--Mariana C., 3rd-6th Grade

Fish Date

I was watching the fish
and my mom told me to wash a dish.
I was bored
and my friends played lord.
My mom and dad had a date
so I had a mate.

-- Serena C., 3rd-6th Grade


Butterflies are colorful
They can be nice
Don’t catch butterflies!

-- Paola C., 3rd-6th Grade

Pet and Family Poems

There was a cat that was bold,
I painted the cat and now it’s gold,
My mom was old
and I had to hold,
I had a bowl and my mom was cold.

-- Dulce P., 3rd-6th Grade

My Dog

My dog Areia Dawn she is extremely smelly
And when we give her a bath she smells like fresh coconut
But for only for a day or so
Then she’s back to being very stinky, smelly
She is
But she is always extremely happy
That’s my dog Ariea Dawn
Ariea Dawn

-- Avery F., 3rd-6th Grade

Water is Nature

The water is nice.
The water is blue.
The water is warm.
I like the water.
I drink water.

-- Naomi V., 3rd-6th Grade


Roses are pretty.
They shine in the dark and light.
They smell good and seem shiny.

-- Kimberly H., 3rd-6th Grade

Thinking About Animals

I like what animals do.
A fox is sneaky.
A wolf is fast.
A frog can leap.
A tiger is scary!
A lion can roar.
A bear is big.
A pig goes “Oink.”
A lamb goes “Baaahs.”
A cat meows.
A turkey ruffles its feathers.
A seahorse is in the sea.
A monkey swings.
A spider spins a web.
A kangaroo jumps.
A bumblebee stings.
A donkey kicks.
I like what animals do.

-- Angel H., 3rd-6th Grade


Frogs like to hop
Frogs eat flies
Frogs have a long tongue

-- Sophia L., 3rd-6th Grade

Fortnite – Minecraft

Exciting  Funny
Dancing  Winning  Mapping
Chest  Enemies  Friends  Console
Building  Mining  Surviving
Creative  Crafty

-- Logan M., 3rd-6th Grade

Screaming for Ice Cream

The kids see the ice cream truck
They began to scream at the ice cream truck
“We want ice cream!”
The ice cream truck drove away.

-- Evelyn M., 3rd-6th Grade


Bouncing hail all day and night
I do not like chilly nights
Gusty wind is loud
The misty fog is not good
Hammering rain is bad.

--Arely P., 3rd-6th Grade

Nine, Get in Line

When I went to the dining room…
I saw a sign
That said you have to be nine,
To be in the line.

-- Johnathan R., 3rd-6th Grade

Baby Cub

I saw a tub
with a baby cub.
The baby cub said my name is Sub.
I said “Hi Sub!”
You’re in a tub
And you’re a cub
And you joined a club!

--Nathan R., 3rd-6th Grade


I meet my mom at the mall
After we went through the hall
Then I bought a ball
And then I trip and I fall
Then I give my mom a call
After we meet a man that is tall
Last, I ran into a wall!

--Josalyn R., 3rd-6th Grade


I hear talking
From afar, I hear screaming
I hear a bell ringing
I hear paper rattling
I hear footsteps stomping
I hear “Hi” from people greeting.

--Dylan R., 3rd-6th Grade

Summer Puddles

Jumping in puddles
Splash Splash Splash
Walking passed
The summer is a blast!

-- Jaylan S., 3rd-6th Grade

Traveling Sister

My sister is on a plane
Then she is on a train
Then she is in a line
To go to the main gate sign
Then she had to wait and wait
For a flight to the state.

-- Natalie S., 3rd-6th Grade

Aunt Jackie

There is a person that I admire.
Having her around, I never tire.
Aunt Jackie helps a lot
She told me she was going to join the S.W.A.T.
When she comes, she always says “Hi”
When she leaves, she always says “Goodbye.”

-- Jordan G., 3rd-6th Grade


I like to go to the beach
I also gave a speech
And I reached…
For a peach!

-- Amani V., 3rd-6th Grade


My mom is happy to run
She likes to run.
My baby brother loves me, and
He hugs me
And he lets me play with his

-- Damian M., 3rd-6th Grade

The Date

My friend Nate.
Don’t be late
I first ate
And my mom had a date.

--Xochitl C., 3rd-6th Grade