Random Things to Think On

Diamante Poem

Crispy, cheesy
Flattening, baking, steaming,
Pepperoni, olives, cone, sprinkles
Numbing, dripping, melting
Delicious, creamy
Ice Cream

I am just STARVING.
Can you give me food to eat?
Yay, chicken nuggets!

Imagery Poem

Pacific Blue
Blueberries freshly picked
Aquamarine pillows out of the dryer
Fluffy cyan pajamas.

Blue sounds like balloons popping loudly,
Blueberries being snapped of their stem,
And squishy pillows being tossed lightly around.

Blue tastes like sticky fairground cotton candy,
Sweet squishy Jell-O,
And minty toothpaste while you’re brushing your teeth.

Blue feels like smooth pencil boxes,
Rough construction paper,
And cold ocean water.
Blue can make you feel relaxed.

--Declan G., 3rd-6th Grade