"Life is Strange Right?"

Life is strange right?
You live a life of devotion
Surrounded by all the hatred
But life in spite of emotion

But you realize that your body
Can’t live a life of a Trojan
A body made up of water
Can’t live inside of an ocean

Life is strange right?
Realizing your limit
While time is working against you
And redividing your minutes

Realizing that you’re mortal
Well meet the lie you exhibit
You start seeing your achilles
And realigning your pivot

Life is strange right?
It’s never what you expect
But your expecting gets to give you
Only what you accept

You see reflecting on an issue
Taking what you ingest
Applying it to every step
And saving what you invest

But they’re oblivious
They forget that life is a test
Most people don’t even believe
That there’s a life in the next

But keep preparing for the future
And they fly through the rest
If you only believe in now
Then tell me why you invest?

And anything...
Everything will have a start and an end
An origin and beginning
That must’ve started the trend

But you believe the universe
Can infinitely regress
Then how does time have a future
Without the start of a stem?

Think of a universe
With infinite regress to the past
But also into the future
And still connected with mass

But time is only moving forward
So I’m tempted to ask
If it never had a beginning
How does it make you advanced?

There’s a creator
See the contradiction, and vow...
Waiting will only put you in a state
Of infinite "how?"

Your heart is broken, to remind you...
You’re a limited being
You’re not a past or a future
But your position is now

You gotta see him
So you can believe in your mind...
Then go and look at the sun
And let me see what you find

It’s too bright,
But you expect to see the creator...
When you can’t look at the creation
Without leaving you blind

-- Joseph C., 9th-12th Grade