In Search of Sincere Moonlight

In every Light, there is Dark.
In every Man, there is a Sin.
In every Dream, there is a Nightmare.
In every Kingdom, there is Fraud.

Cryptic Lies are what They call them-
For these Lies are silenced and rejected,
Left out to be trampled, butchered, neglected,
To be forgotten and never resurrected;
Though are adopted by that puzzling, dazzling, dancing Gem.

Whimsical, witty, and wise We see Her with Our eyes wide, knees weak-
She is cleverly creative as clay carefully craving carefree color and incandescent Light,
A sightly sight She shines- soaring the seemingly sorry, starry Night,
May the Midnight Mother mutter many mischiefs as the mist shifts to display Her might,
Though the two tunes that soon took the timid, cryptic Lies were bright,
Stars twinkle to be the first whilst she shines; rising above all to the Night Sky's peak.

Her words are:
Sincere, but provocative-
Cryptic, but imaginative-
Serene, but sensitive-
Cogent, but illusive.

Frightful, frenzied, and ferocious fire are faux Truths that forever masks Our fair Fears-
Who serve under Him only to manipulate Our conscious minds into vacuous jelly,
Who are solely born to encourage Us to be ungracious towards festivity and renaissance,
Who produce unforgiving warmth in which the lakes are dried but We are not,
Who show great disdain for the dark whilst refusing to coexist with the shade and shadows,
He is far, far from Us but His presence is appalling as if he is closely watching.

Blinding Sunlight changes our views and tells Us true Lies-
They are bright and imprison the Shadows of Truth,
As We are taught to praise the Light but fear the Dark during Our youth,
And to always wear a false smile- to never water Our eyes.
Pompous, pretty, prideful presents to peasants They ponder Themselves as.

Although She and We may be silenced; One should always seek sincerity-:
One does not know light if One has not seen dark and its disparity,
One does not know renaissance if One has not experienced a dark age,
One does not know to judge a book if One does not turn the page.

-- Marcus S.,9th-12th Grade