Embrace The Truth

I want you to know it's not your fault
I want them to know it was my choice
The sacrifices I made put my life at a halt
The dream I achieve, it was all for you

Judging from your smile and my broken spirit
The answer is clear, you can ask me why
I did it for you, I did it because it made you smile
My grin was apparent, my concerns were heard
Ignored, forgotten, but why is it I apologize

The pressure, the constant praise, was the way I was raised
The watcher of my soul and I'll completely fade
I'm sorry for not being able to be at my full potential
I'm sorry for not putting the effort to be me

Happiness, it's a dissonance
What means more, making you happy or myself
The hope you see and the pride you carry in me
Thankful is all that remains in my person, for trying to alleviate what is supposedly me

Sometimes I wonder if I'm going insane, simply Because I have always felt this pain,
Or is this just my daily game, but I am here to keep my claim
I tried so much that the tears I cried are no longer
Finally, I embrace the realization of my own self-deprecation and become who I am that is stronger

-- Spencer D., 9th-12th Grade Guest