What About Us?

The day that you came over, it was raining
My eyes were red and puffy, face stained with tears
You pulled me into a hug, making me feel safe
You listened as I told you what happened
That was when I knew that you cared
I gave you my heart, hoping you could fix it

You were there for every day after:
From the days where I was over the moon
To the times where I felt like I was drowning
I noticed you looked worse everyday I was down,
And if I only knew that my disappearing smile was breaking you

Now you’re at my doorstep,
Checking in on me
I refuse to let you in, telling you to leave
You say that you care, that I’m loved
But how can I believe you
I’m down in the dumps
I tell you I’m useless,
That I should just leave… and never come back
I keep hearing your pleading, and I let you in
Tears are streaming down my face
You pull me into a tight hug, afraid to let go
The knife that was on the counter is now visible to you,
Over and over, you keep saying that you love me,
I don’t realize it at the time,
But you gave me your heart that day

I keep noticing that you’re getting worse every day
But you refuse to tell me what you’re feeling
But you won’t stop loving me, caring about me
And slowly, I’m getting better
There are times when I yell and throw things,
Threaten to leave, forever
But you just do one thing,
You wrap your arms around me, constantly saying that you love me
I know that I have your heart, and that you have mine.

Then you left….

-- Leslie C., 9th-12th Grade