The Peely Man

Hey look it’s the Peely-Man just, all skin and bones
Hey, look it’s the Peely Man, look as he kneels and peels away
As our laughter drifts all-day
We see his muscles contracting on every pulse
Peeling like taffy on a spring day
All of this and he still has time to say hello
Hey, look it’s the Peely-Man, watch as he bellows
About the pain he’s suffering;
We take it as jokes
Until he screamed a little weird. Then, we were a bit worried
But then he said “It’s fine, It’s fine”
Isn’t he funny and kind
The Peely-Man is a funny fellow
As he walks with that funny mask
Constantly fixing his paint from the tracks of his tears.
It washes up real fast
It’s obviously tears of laughter as his jokes are a gas.
“When they say no regrets, they always regret it.”
“You know when you see yourself cry, you cry even more.”
He’s certainly not a bore
The more he peels, the more we laugh
Until he's peeled all the way back
If only we knew that he was going to peel until he was gone
We could have known we could have talked we could have stopped
Hey look there’s the Peely-Man, lying on the floor...his mask peeled off

-- Anmoljeet S., 9th-12th Grade