The Last Hour

The moment you feel you are reaching beyond your time. That you fight against all kinds of agony and resentment. That you decipher where you have been and where you want to go. When you realize that the last thing you want is to die because you have so many things to do and follow a new path. In the last hour, once you walk and fight, even if your shoes are torn and your steps gradually sink into the mud you are in, you keep pushing because all you have in mind is to get out of such madness and return to be the person you were one day in your childhood. That you want to reconnect your current mental state with who you were back in the day and believe once again. Believe in the people around you, in people who sometimes don't think twice to hurt you, not physically, but emotionally. Believe that you can root them a little compassion and serenity, but nevertheless what they get is contempt and pessimism. Still, you fight against the tide and continue walking until finally you get out of that mud that has stained you so much and begin to count the minutes back. Gradually you stop time and continue on one more night. The stars disappear and the sun begins to shine. Because the last hour will simply not reach you. Not at this moment that you are about to resurrect.

--Rob G., Adult